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Argentinian Pasta Recipes

Frequently renowned for its meats, one less known aspect of argentinian cuisine would be its passion for pastas, and the many recipes from Argentina to prepare these dishes. The first dishes that come to mind in this category would be the famous “Fideos con tuco” or even all the different ways to prepare and serve Gnocchis (Ñoquis or Malfatti); then you will find all the canelones, the lasagnas, the sorrentinos, the ravioles and the tallarines. Many of these dishes were initially inspired by Italy, but since then they have evolved into a distinct direction and have acquired a distinct personality.

Contrarily to Italians, Argentinians frequently have pasta as their main dish. We also notice their preference towards fresh pasta as opposed to the american dried pasta packages sold at the supermarket; in fact you will find actual pasta stores in Argentina selling fresh pasta.

Cannelloni with Ricotta and Spinach

The Potato Gnocchi

The Meat Lasagna

Spinach and Ricotta Malfatti

Sorrentinos with Ham and Cheese

Tuco con Fidéos