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Veal with Tuna Sauce (Vitel Toné)

The Vitel Toné is a traditional Argentinian appetizer dish served cold for celebration days such as Christmas or the New Year when it is summer and hot in Argentina. This dish is the Argentinian version of an Italian dish, and its name comes from the Italian name for this dish, or "vittello tonnato" or “veal with tuna.” The Vitel Toné is served with a sauce that is a combination of tuna, egg yolk, anchovies and mayonnaise. This recipe is for a large amount of Vitel Tone, perfect for a Christmas table with the family!


* 2 and 1/2 lb. veal round steak slices (the argentinian “Peceto” cut)
* Onion, Carrot, laurel, and garlic for the broth.
* Verdurita (1 celery, green onions, and parsley)
* 8 Hard-boiled eggs,
* Olive oil, a cup
* 1 can Anchovies, (ten or twelve anchovies)
* 2 cans tuna, (plain or in oil)
* 1 cup Mayonnaise,
* 2 tablespoons Mustard,
* 2 tablespoons Capers,
* Salt and pepper

1) The day before, prepare the meat by removing its fat and skin. Bring a large pot full of water to a boil then reduce heat setting; put the meat in, then put in the pot a quartered onion, a Carrot cut into four, three or four cloves of garlic, and verdurita (celery, green onions, parsley, etc..). Add two teaspoons of salt. Simmer until just tender, about an hour and a half.

2) Allow the meat in the water with vegetables to cool down, all together; Slice the vegetables very thinly, with an electric knife or a sharp blade.

3) Put the eight hard boiled egg yolks in your blender, with the tuna (thoroughly drained) and a cup of olive oil then blend to a smooth paste. Add about one cup of cooking broth and blend. Add the mustard, anchovies, salt and plenty of pepper; now add the mayonnaise and blend again until smooth. Check seasoning, and if the sauce is not liquid enough, add a little more broth. The sauce has to be not too thick but not runny.

4) Arrange the meat slices on a large serving plate. Cover with half the sauce. Put another layer of meat over and cover with remaining sauce. Place the capers over.

Grate the eight egg whites in large hole grater and arm with a socket to clear the way for the serving edge. Leave the Vitel Toné in the fridge before serving for a few hours for flavours combine.