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Argentine style marinated eggplant (Berenjenas en escabeche estilo Argentino)

Let’s take advantage of the abundance of eggplant when in season and prepare this argentine delicacy, a specialty many in Argentina always have in the fridge ready to serve when needed. We cut the circular slices about 1/4 inch thick, a thickness that is convenient to use them in sandwiches, but you can use them as a garnish. Many who are not very fond of eggplant, will still like it when prepared this way, these are also great to accompany meat.


* 4 eggplants
* coarse salt
* oil
* vinegar
* Provençal (dehydrated)
* oregano
* red pepper
* fresh basil
* bay leaves
* Black peppercorns


1) Wash and slice the eggplant, then cover with salt and leave them as-is flat for 3 hours. Once this time is up wash and put them in boiling water with a dash of white vinegar.

2) Cook until just tender, not too much. Put in a strainer and let them cool down.

3) Separately, in a bowl pour enough oil, vinegar, provencal, red pepper and oregano mix well.

Once the eggplants have cooled down by placing it in a jar in layers, and between layers pour the marinade to prepare as well as we are adding the basil, bay leaf and pepper.

Once the container full, fill empty space with oil.

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