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Argentine Lamb Stew (guiso de cordero)

The lamb stewed in red wine is a popular dish in the region of Lazio in Italy. There, this dish is called Spezzatino because the meat is sliced in small pieces. This recipe also suggests simmering with herbs and red wine but has been customized to the taste of Argentines. The Patagonian lamb meat is certainly highly regarded today for its high quality, most appreciated in haute cuisine, where it has a wide diffusion. Its flavor is exquisite and very deep. So today we will see the Patagonian recipe for lamb stew, a traditional dish in the southernmost region of Argentina and to make it even more visually appealing, this dish is presented it in a special way, with the meat on a slice of country bread.


* 2 fillets of Patagonian lamb
* 8 shallots
* 1 cup dried pine mushrooms, rehydrated
* 6 dried tomatoes
* 4 carrots
* 2 cups lamb bouillon/juice
* 1 cup red wine
* 1 teaspoon salt
* 1 teaspoon pepper
* Olive oil amount as needed
* 2 slices of country bread


1) With clean and seasoned steaks, sear them on each side until well browned in a skillet with hot olive oil.

2) Remove meat and deglaze with the wine, that reduces to 3/4 and then incorporates lamb juice, shallots, tomatoes, mushrooms and carrots. When brewing is boiled again incorporates the lamb. Cook over low heat 45 to 60 minutes. Ready when you have a dark background and the tender meat with a fork to prick it.

3) Serve each portion over a slice of country bread, and enjoy!

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