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Argentinian-Style Beef Short Ribs (Asado de Tira al Horno)

If each cut of meat has a name that varies depending on the country, in the case of Argentina, the asado de tira requires a special cut of meat taken from the area of the rib of beef that includes the delicious thick piece of ribsteak that covers the outside of the ribs; so essentially outside Argentina and Chile to get this special cut you will have to describe it to your butcher; or ask for closest thing: in the US and Canada it is the "Short Rib"; in the UK its "Thin Ribs". The short ribs are cut transversely to the direction of the ribs, in strips about 4-5 inches wide, in such a way that the bone may be placed downwards, facing the heat source, and in this process the bone will play a physical role in roasting the meat around it.


Yield: 4-6 guests

* 5 lb. asado de tira beef cut (Argentinian style Short Ribs, See the text above)
* 2 onions
* 2 cups of argentinian red wine
* 2 cups water
* 2 cloves of garlic
* salt and pepper
* sauteed vegetables

1) Cut the onion in halves pen and put half of those in a pan to go in the oven. Put the meat over the onions and season with salt and pepper; pour the wine in, the water and garlic cloves Cover the pan with foil and bake slowly for 1 hour at 275 ˚F.

2) Uncover the pan and increase the heat to 450 ˚F, baking for 30 minutes more.

3) Pull out of the oven, put the ribs on a plate. Let the pot cool down slightly, ladle the fat that is floating on the surface and throw out. Pour this gravy to the bowl of your blender and blend with the onions we had reserved earlier.

4) Pour the sauce from the blender to a pan and on the stove finish preparing it to make it a gravy; and add water or broth if too thick, add corn starch if not thick enough. Slice the meat in individual ribs, add them back to the broth and heat up. Serve with vegetables sauteed in olive oil

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