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Argentinian Sweets and Dessert Recipes

We will now you here the most important desserts from Argentina, and explain the recipes to make them. In Argentina and most South American countries, desserts are referred to as "Postres" and as you are about to find out, these desserts were highly influenced by the european cultures that, combined, made this nation; although in this country, desserts have a special and unique touch, something that makes us want to call them truly argentinian... Here you will find the recipe for the Alfajores, Pastries, Tortas, the many sweets made with Dulce de Leche, etc... These are the traditional desserts we are about to explore...

alfajores from South America The Alfajores, a unique dessert from Argentina

Argentine-style Rice Pudding

Argentinian Shortbread Cookies - Alfajores

The Manioc Alfajores

Berlinesas Cookies

The Welsh Black Cake

Dulce de Batata and the Vigilante

Figs in Syrup

Pasta Frola

The Rogel Cake