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Meatball Stew (Guiso de Albondigas)

This Stewed Albondigas dish is a nice dish that is a perfect fit for the cold season. This recipe includes a chili, but is entirely optional if you do not like the taste to be a little spicier.


For the meatballs:

- 2 lb. ground pork and beef, combined
- 4 cloves of garlic
- Two or three branches of fresh parsley
- An egg
- Flour

For the rest of the stew:

- 1 onion, sliced
- 2 red Tomatoes, cooked then chopped
- Red chili pepper (optional), use half cut also sliced
- Salt
- 2 bay leaves
- Sunflower oil


1) Three hours before making this dish, prepare the meat for the albondigas; peel the garlic cloves and split them in halves, also chop the parsley leaves. Then, in a bowl, put the meat with the garlic and parsley, crack the egg in and mix all the ingredients, stir everything until smooth; reserve in a covered container in the refrigerator for three hours.

2) Once this time has pased, take the garlic out from the meat mixture, as they have already released all their flavor. Sprinkle some flour on a plate, with a spoon take meat and shape into the albondigas; then roll these meatballs in the flour.

3) When we have all rolled our meatballs, pour 2 fingers of oil in a pan and fry the onion and chiles when the onion is translucent, extract onions and chiles from the oil and put them in a bowl.

4) In the oil in which we fried the onions and peppers, fry the meatballs a few at a time until browned, when we take them out with a slotted spoon, then put in the bowl with the onion and pepper.

5) Gently pour the contents of that bowl with the onions, chiles and meatballs in a pot; add the cooked and chopped tomatoes, bay leaf and water to almost cover completely the meatballs, put the pot on the fire and simmer for 20 minutes, check and adjust seasoning, discard the bay leaves, and our dish is ready.

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