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Welcome to, the site about the gastronomy of Argentina and its delicious recipes. Argentina is a New World country of course, and as such in its early days it received a strong influence from Spain, also from the neighboring european countries and let's not forget the indigenous people present on the territory before european settlement actually began. As the Argentine history's events moved ahead, its own cultural identity emerged and evolved, influenced by wave after wave of migrants from all over the world, but mostly Italy and Germany, just to name those two.

By definition and by culture, Argentina is a latin american country and naturally this is reflected in its gastronomy; however in many ways Argentine food has its own very special touch and this is what we are about to show you through all the Latin dishes presented in the different sections of this site...

We hope you have fun with our site, please feel free to browse through the different sections of recipes and do not hesitate to tell us how was your experience with Argentinian food, and make special requests if you want specific recipes published.

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